My Hobbies!

I love art! I think of art as a channel to express oneself without words.
Use the filters below to navigate through some of my creations, or visit my Instagram art page - @artbreak_vik

oil paintings
digital art
hand sketches

Inspired by the song "Say You Won't Let Go" by James Arthur!

A silhouette of birds in the sunset! This is one of my first oil paintings!

Inspired by the song "Dancing On My Own" by Calum Scott!

A quick sketch of a cabin in the woods!

Inspired by a sculpture at Burning Man!

A textured oil painting, with textures made using crushed tissue paper and glue!

A sketch of a couple dancing, made using color pencils!

An oil painting of mountains at dawn!


A three-piece oil painting of mountains in the night!

A sketch of a couple in a snow globe!

A digital sketch of a woman in a saree!

A sketch of another woman in a saree, made using color pencils and glitter pens!

Inspired by one of my favorite games, "Life Is Strange"!

A digital sketch of a woman wearing an evening dress, "Gown with the wind"!