My Work Life!

I'm a Machine Learning Engineer!
I'm constantly working on improving my skills and achieving the right balance in the fields of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and Information Visualization!

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Deutsche Bank Senior Software Engineer (AVP) - Machine Learning Engineering
New York, NY (Apr 2022 - Present)

Associate Software Engineer (Analyst) - Machine Learning Engineering
New York, NY (Feb 2020 - Mar 2022)

Tech Stack: Python, Flask, OpenShift, Kafka

I currently work on the Automation as a Service team in Corporate Bank Technology.
I have worked on the following:

  • Leading the development of an in-house OCR service (in Python); a high-impact revenue-generating project, with significant reduction in document processing turnaround time and manual effort
  • Trained SVMs for filter selection and smart template matching to automate document pre-processing, and implemented NLP-backed post-processing to improve OCR quality and minimize human intervention
  • Developing new features, including training deep models for offline signature extraction and verification, improving scalability, and automating deployments using CI/CD pipelines
  • Set up the team’s Kafka cluster to facilitate scalable communication between various microservices
  • Contributing to the bank-wide Data Science Community of Expertise to establish standards across the bank

Deutsche Bank Grad Software Engineer - Data Engineering
New York, NY (Aug 2019 - Feb 2020)

Tech Stack: Java, Spring Boot, SQL, React, OpenShift

While on the Trust & Agency Services team in Corporate Bank Technology, I worked on the following:

  • Developed a generic database to database transfer service, using Java Spring Boot and SQL Server
  • Enhanced a data reconciliation service, allowing it to support multiple recon types (file-file, file-database and database-database)
  • Built an interactive dashboard, using React, to correlate incoming payments from various sources

Curai Health Software Engineering Intern - Machine Learning Engineering
Palo Alto, CA (Feb 2019 - Apr 2019)

Tech Stack: Python, PyTorch, Flask, React, Google Cloud Platform

Curai Health is a Silicon Valley startup that aims to scale the world's best healthcare for every human being! At Curai Health, I did the following:

  • Built a Suggest Diagnoses feature (Deep Learning-based dermatological disease diagnosis) to aid doctors
  • Implemented a Next Question flow to determine the next question to ask a patient with Deep Learning-based image differential as a prior, in concert with an Expert System
  • Trained a Rash vs. Neoplasm classifier (CNN using PyTorch), with 90% accuracy on dermatologist-annotated images, to enable automated triaging of patients
  • Developed a reusable image annotation tool with a React UI to demonstrate/compare models

Deutsche Bank Technology Analyst Intern
New York, NY (Jun 2018 - Aug 2018)

Tech Stack: Python, Flask

In the Chief Data Office (CDO) at Deutsche Bank, I worked on the following:

  • Applied Natural Language Processing (in Python) to map data attributes based on similarities in their descriptions, toward automating data lineage between systems in the bank
  • Performed sentiment analysis of news articles and built a Flask web app to analyze the correlation of sentiment with stock trend
  • Reviewed the Machine Learning capabilities of DgSecure for the detection of personally identifiable information (PII) in unstructured data, toward GDPR compliance

New York University Teaching Assistant, Grading Assistant
New York, NY (Nov 2017 - May 2019)

I was a Teaching Assistant at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering for these grad-level courses:

  • Information Visualization (CS-GY 6313) - Spring '19
  • Deep Learning (CS-GY 9223-E) - Spring '18
  • Big Data Analytics (CS-GY9223-G) - Fall '17

I was a Grading Assistant at the NYU Center for Data Science (CDS) for these grad-level courses:

  • Deep Learning (DS-GA 1008) - Spring '18, for Prof. Yann LeCun
  • Intro to Machine Learning (DS-GA 3001) - Fall '18
  • Programming for Data Science (DS-GA 1007) - Fall '18

In Fall '17, I also worked at the NYU Kimmel Center for University Life as an IT and Customer Support Assistant!

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras Summer Fellowship Intern
Chennai, India (May 2016 - Jul 2016)

Tech Stack: MATLAB

In the Visualization and Perception Lab at IIT Madras, I implemented a Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) system in MATLAB, using Computer Vision and Machine Learning techniques

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Deep Learning Specialization, Coursera (Sep 2018)
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Machine Learning
Stanford, Coursera (Apr 2016)
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Introduction to Python for Data Science
Microsoft, edX (May 2016)
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Introduction to R for Data Science
Microsoft, edX (Jun 2019)
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Introduction to Corporate Finance
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Coursera (May 2018)
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W3C, edX (Jul 2015)
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