My Projects

Most of my projects involve the use of Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Data Science.
Feel free to check them out on GitHub or browse through them below!

machine learning
deep learning
computer vision
natural language processing
data science
big data
information visualization
information retrieval
databases / sql
cloud computing
android app dev
web dev

Firewatch: Visualizing U.S. Wildfire Data
D3.js, Tableau

Used D3.js and Tableau to develop interactive visualizations (choropleth maps, bar charts and line charts) for U.S. wildfire data

MusiCloud: A Cloud-Based Music and Concert Recommendation System
AWS Services, Python, Node.js

Led a team to develop a conversational bot that recommends music and upcoming concerts, using AWS Services and the Songkick API

Mask-it: Applying Snapchat-like Filters on Face Images

Implemented the overlaying of Snapchat-like filters on face images: face detection, landmark detection, mask morphing and alpha blending

NYU Network: A University Social Network
MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Created a social network prototype; features: sending friend requests, creating posts, likes, dislikes, updating user profile, viewing activity feed

Global Temperature Change Prediction

Predicted the temperature of a given city across a specific time period, using an ARIMA model for time series forecasting, and performed exploratory analysis of the impact of increasing amounts of pollution and Greenhouse gases on temperature change

Climate Change and its Impact on Health
PySpark, Spark MLlib, Tableau

Leveraged Big Data tools to analyze climate change and pollution data, and study their impact on human health

AI Sight: Object Recognition on your Smartphone!
Java, XML, Caffe

Independently developed an Android app for offline object recognition (available on Play Store)

Websites I've Developed
HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Apart from my own website, I have also developed multiple other websites:

Search Result Snippet Generation

A study of various query-independent and query-dependent techniques for generating web search result snippets

Viki: A Web Search Engine

Built a fully-functional web search engine from scratch (a focused web crawler, an indexer with varbyte compression, and a query processor)

Face Emotion Recognition

A project on emotion recognition using various databases

Sentence Similarity Estimation

My attempt at solving the Quora Question Pairs challenge on Kaggle